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The National Inquiry-Based Learning and Teaching Conference seeks to build a community around learning and teaching with inquiry, especially in mathematics, to challenge each participant to grow at the boundary of their practice, and to do this work by living the value these communities place on inclusion and active, co-constructed educational experiences. This conference provides a forum for collaboration among all educators interested in teaching with inquiry, including K-16+ educators, education researchers, and both new and experienced practitioners. Planned activities will include introductory sessions for novice instructors, engagement with mathematics education research, shared work on our developed and innovative practices, and opportunities to experience inquiry in model classrooms.

This national conference is the second year of a collaboration between The Initiative for Mathematics Learning by Inquiry (MLI) and the Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America for Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL SIGMAA) as part of the organizations’ missions to make sure that all students have access to empowering mathematical experiences by supporting and expanding the community of practitioners and researchers that gather around mathematical inquiry pedagogies. Both MLI and IBL SIGMAA are committed to an understanding of learning and teaching with inquiry that is inclusive both of a diverse set of practices and for diverse student and teacher populations. Teaching with inquiry encompasses a broad spectrum of high-impact and evidence-supported, active learning strategies that emphasize students’ deep engagement with mathematics, collaboration, communication and practitioners’ inquiry into student thinking, and efforts to build inclusive and equitable spaces. These inquiry experiences are often transformative, both for students and for educators. In particular, both MLI and IBL SIGMAA would like to thank the Educational Advancement Foundation, whose long history of support has been transformative for this community of educators.

Whether you are new to or experienced with learning and teaching with inquiry, come join us for an active, participatory conference to learn from and connect with fellow educators and students!