Transformative Teaching

The Initiative for Mathematics Learning by Inquiry, a public foundation, has as its mission strengthening the mathematical preparation of all students, with particular emphasis on those in the critical period of the first two years of post-secondary education. They especially need to be poised to meet the challenges—including issues of cyber-security and data analytics—of our increasingly quantitative and data-driven world.

Founded in October 2016, its aim will be accomplished by:

  • supporting and expanding the community of teacher-practitioners in Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) at the undergraduate, graduate, and pre-college levels, especially those who are preparing the next generation of K-12 teachers;
  • encouraging the creation of teaching materials and resources;
  • training graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in IBL methods;
  • and providing workshops and conferences focused on IBL for practicing teachers of mathematics.
IBL Workshop, Kenyon College, 2014.




An undergraduate Analysis class at Lamar University, 2011-12, Professor W. Ted Mahavier in front row.  Videos of the class, with commentary, are available on the web.