MLI was pleased to join the Educational Advancement Foundation (EAF),  the Academy for Inquiry Based Learning, and the IBL Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America in sponsoring the 20th annual IBL conference:

“Constructing the Future of IBL Conference:
The Past 20 Years and the Next 20 Years”
as a part of MathFest 2017 in Chicago, IL,
5:30pm to 9:30pm July 28, 2017.

This event meets a growing demand for a venue in which mathematics teachers can share experiences in, or begin to learn about,  a broad range of student-centered, inquiry-based learning methods. The focus has been mainly on undergraduate college and university mathematics teaching, and now the co-sponsors of this event offer further ways for this community to interact.

Some 200 attendees enthusiastically managed to get the most out of the limited time available.  Many expressed the hope that in future at least a full day, with more time for meeting people,  might be arranged.

The program included a poster session accompanied by the serving of hors d’oeuvres (and a cash bar):

  • IBL Mathematics Enrichment with Middle School Students (Axel Brandt)
  • An IBL Consortium in the Midwest (Susan Crook)
  • Abstract Algebra in Indonesia, the US, and Jordan (Kathi Crow)
  • The Coding for Community Program (Liza Cummings)
  • Enhancing a Partially Flipped Trig. Classroom w/IBL (Ranthony Edmonds)
  • Using Portfolio Problems and IBL Classroom Practices (Emilie Hancock)
  • What is MLI? (William Jaco)
  • The IBL SIGMAA (Brian Katz)
  • Exam Wrappers to Promote Metacognition (Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin)
  • The MD-DC-VA IBL Consortium (Amy Ksir)
  • A Model Regional IBL Network (Patrick Rault)
  • Using IBL in Classes with Fewer or Shorter Meetings (John Ross)
  • Searching for Understanding {and Hikers} (Silvia Saccon)
  • Towards Guided Reinvention (Bob Sachs)
  • Addressing Premonitions about IBL w/ Large Class Size (Milos Savic)
  • Using GeoGebra to Foster Discovery (Violeta Vasilevska)
  • IBL Training and Outreach at Univ. of Michigan (Nina White)
  • PRODUCT: PROfessional Development & Uptake through Collaborative Teams (Stan Yoshinobu)

This was followed by a panel discussion (Aditya Adiredja, Carol Schumacher, Talitha Washington) on “IBL Diversity: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” and questions from the audience.  Then an hour of a dozen or so “roundtable discussions” in parallel focusing on various topics and, in conclusion, sharing ideas as a whole.

The evening was rounded off by an inspiring plenary talk by Stan Yoshinobu of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Director of the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning. After describing some seemingly daunting goals for insuring the continuing improvement of education, he called for people to sign up and help meet these “moonshot” challenges for the next 20 years.

The 2010 IBL conference, Austin, Texas

IBL Conference

IBL Conference

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