Ron was a trustee of the Educational Advancement Foundation and a founding director  of The Initiative for Mathematics Learning by Inquiry. He had a long and distinguished career as a professor and mathematician, much of it in later years at Texas A&M University where he was also a former executive vice president and provost. In addition to significant mathematical contributions, especially in operator theory, Ron was an influential educator, regarded, for example, as the father of the calculus reform movement during the late 1980s.  In a recent article, he described a major factor in his own education:

A little more than fifty years ago, I entered a classroom at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), where I was a freshman, and had an experience that changed my life. The professor, Pasquale Porcelli, was teaching calculus using an inquiry-based approach I learned later was called the Moore Method.  (“Inquiry-Based Learning: Yesterday and Today”. Notices of the AMS, 2012. 59: 668-669.)

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