Inquiry Learning Communities

MLI will capitalize on existing models of inquiry learning communities to generate grassroots faculty support through peer Communities of Practice for sustainable large-scale reform and bring a cultural change to mathematics teaching and learning.

Mathematical Inquiry Pathways

Mathematics Pathways are sequences of mathematics courses that are designed to be aligned and relevant to a student’s chosen program of study and career interest. Such alternatives fulfill prerequisite requirements for degrees and better equip students with academic skills for specific careers.

Math Teachers’ Circles of Inquiry

Circles of Inquiry are professional learning communities of middle and high school teachers and higher-education faculty experienced in mathematics learning by inquiry. The major goal is to form supportive secondary/post-secondary communities of like-minded mathematical thinkers who can work together to enhance students’ learning and ease their transition to college.

Strategic Direction for MLI

Through our electronic community survey last fall, we have resolved to expand and support the community of IBL practitioners and resarchers at the pre-college and college levels.

We Acknowledge The Support Of: