Special thanks to those of you that completed our electronic community survey last fall.

The process, by the numbers:

  • 105 responses to our electronic survey
  • 23 Committee members
  • 10 Steering Committee members
  • 3 Virtual Meetings of the Steering Committee
  • 2 weekend Workshops of conversation, debate and learning (December 2017 & March 2018)

Resulting in:

1 plan to expand and support the community of IBL practitioners and researchers at the pre-college and college levels.

The plan will focus on five areas:

  • Regional IBL Communities
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Professional Development
  • Advocacy and Marketing of IBL
  • MLI Organizational Infrastructure

Committee Members

Special thanks to our incredibly engaged committee members:

  • Linda Braddy, MLI Board, Tarrant County College
  • Mark Daniels, University of Texas – UTeach
  • Paul Dawkins, Northern Illinois University
  • Brianna Donaldson, AIM
  • Dana Ernst, Northern Arizona University
  • Ryan Gantner, St. John Fisher College
  • Bill Hamilton*, MLI Board
  • T J Hitchman*, Northern Iowa University
  • Angie Hodge*, Northern Arizona University
  • William “Bus” Jaco, MLI Executive Director
  • Ted Mahavier*, Lamar University
  • Alison Marr*, MLI Board, Southwestern University
  • Vilma Mesa*, MLI Board, University of Michigan
  • Doug Mupasiri, Northern Iowa University
  • Michael Oehrtman*, Oklahoma State University
  • Victor Piercey*, MLI Board, Ferris State University
  • Chris Rasmussen*, MLI Board, San Diego State University/ UC-San Diego
  • Mike Starbird, University of Texas
  • Francis Su, Harvey Mudd College
  • Nina White, University of Michigan
  • William Velez, University of Arizona
  • Christine von Renesse, Westfield State University
  • Ulrica Wilson*, Morehouse College
  • *Steering Committee Member

Stay tuned! We can’t wait to share it with you and learn more about how we can best support IBL in mathematics.